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A big part of most divorces is deciding what happens to the children involved. In order to plan for the future needs of their children, the spouses need to come up with parenting plan. A parenting plan or custody agreement outlines how both parents will continue to care and provide for their children upon the finalization of their divorce. An effective plan must meet the needs of the family as a whole and must contain the following important information.

Parenting Time Schedule

The parenting time schedule shows when a child is with each parent. The schedule should include details, such as:

  • Daily living schedule
  • Holidays
  • Vacation time

When devising this schedule, it is important that both parents consider their child’s physical, emotional, and social needs. This schedule can and should include a detailed calendar so it is clear when the child is with each parent.

Medical and Healthcare Issues

Another important part of a custody plan should include medical and healthcare information that explains how the parents will pay for medical and dental costs and how the parents will provide healthcare insurance for their children. Other important information to include are:

  • How the parents will choose health providers for their children
  • Who is responsible for making health appointments, such as annual check ups
  • Who will take of a sick child who needs to stay home

Education and Extracurricular Activities

The education information part of a parenting plan should incude:

  • Where the children will attend school
  • How the parents will choose their children’s school
  • Who will pay for school expenses
  • Who will attend parent-teacher conferences and school open houses
  • How each parent will decide on extracurricular activities for the child, who attends activities and who pays for them

Child Care

A good parenting or custody plan will also include where the children will go for child care when the parents are at work, how the parents will decide on child for the child, and who will pay for child care.

Parent Communication

Not all divorced parents have a good line of communication. As such, the parenting plan should include how the parents will communicate and what issues they will communicate about. It should also include how the parents will resolve disputes and make changes to their plan.

These are only a few issues that should be included as part of your parenting plan. Your Central Valley child custody attorney will look at the specific facts of your case and determine important and relevant information that should be included.

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