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Mr. Srai diligently and effectively represents clients through the conclusion of their legal matters. He is a passionate advocate who uses his experience and negotiation skills to ensure that all of his client’s needs are met. Mr. Srai is well versed in the field of criminal law through his experience at the District Attorney’s Office and his work at a local firm. Mr. Srai recognizes that each criminal case poses unique challenges; his experience allows him to competently and effectively research each case and thereby counsel his clients about the possible outcomes of their case.

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Our practice is focused on representation in criminal defense law, family law, and bankruptcy law. We focus on these areas of law because they affect the most important aspects of people’s lives: their freedom, their families, their economic independence, and their reputations. An aggressive, yet compassionate lawyer can help you through these rough times and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Central Valley Car Accident Attorneys Central Valley Car Accident Attorneys

A major car accident can turn your life upside down, especially if you have suffered serious injuries. You may be an excellent driver, but unfortunately the mistakes of others on the road can cause a serious motor vehicle crash. The aftermath of an accident can leave you dazed, in pain, and unsure of what steps …

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Central Valley Truck Accident Attorneys Central Valley Truck Accident Attorneys

Getting into an accident with a truck can be a very frightening experience. What would be a fender bender with another passenger vehicle, can result in serious injuries or even a fatality when the other vehicle that hit you is a truck. At the Srai Law Office, our Central Valley truck accident attorneys handle all …

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near San Joaquin County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near San Joaquin County

A motorcycle accident can be life-altering for the victim. Unlike other passenger vehicles, motorcycles do not provide the same protection to riders, such as steel frame doors, airbags and seatbelts. Motorcycles are also less stable and less visible than car and often have high performance capabilities. When a motorcycle crashes, the rider’s lack of protection …

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Central Valley Drunk Driving Attorney Central Valley Drunk Driving Attorney

7A drunk driving charge is a serious charge. It can negatively impact all aspects of your life, especially your reputation. However, getting a DUI in the Central Valley does not have to be the end. It is a charge that defense attorneys routinely beat. You may have various options after your DUI arrest, such as …

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Many of us may view bankruptcy as a death sentence. However, it does not have to be one. In some situations, filing for bankruptcy may give you the chance to get out of a financial hole. If you believe that filing for bankruptcy may be necessary, it is important to hire an experienced Stockton bankruptcy attorney to help you..

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Central Valley Drunk Driving Attorney STOCKTON DOG BITE ATTORNEYS

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. However, the loving, furry animals can also attack, bite and cause serious injuries. Regardless of the breed or size of the dog, dog bites and attacks can cause both serious physical and mental injuries that can significantly impact all aspects of your life..

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