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Different Ways to End a Marriage In California

Thousands of people get married each year in California. As happy as most may be, a good number of marriages also come to an end. When a marriage ends, it typically falls into one of three categories: divorce, legal separation, or annulment. Below is a brief summary of each category. Divorce Divorce, also known as dissolution, is a lengthy and … Continue reading

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Should I Hire a Criminal Attorney If I’m Innocent?

Just because you are charged with a crime does not mean you are actually guilty of that crime. However, just because you believe or are certain that you are innocent, you still need to hire an experienced Stockton criminal defense lawyer to help prove your innocence. Unfortunately, innocent people are arrested and convicted all the time. So, in order for … Continue reading

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Plea Bargaining

Most criminal cases in the Central Valley area are resolved through plea agreements. Plea negotiations are a “routine” way for disposing of cases in the criminal justice system. Approximately 90 percent of criminal cases in both federal and state courts are resolved through plea bargaining. Since plea bargaining is common practice in criminal courts, it is important to understand exactly … Continue reading

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You Need To Protect Your CDL

The federal government has increasingly become more involved in interstate commerce. As a truck driver, this means that you can face particular challenges when you get pulled over for a suspected traffic violation. A nationwide database has been designed to track any time you get a ticket or any time you are pulled over without getting a ticket. This can … Continue reading

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Dividing Assets In a California Divorce

One of the most important aspects of divorce proceedings is the splitting of the marital property or assets. Dividing assets in a divorce proceeding is different in each state. California divorce laws can be complicated and hard to understand. In order to fairly divide assets in a divorce, both spouses must fully understand the concepts of community property and separate … Continue reading

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What To Do If You Get Arrested

In 2015, law enforcement made an estimated 10,797,088 arrests. Of these arrests, 505.681 were for violent crimes, and 1,463,213 were for property crimes. Most people don’t meaningfully do things to get arrested. And regardless of why and what you get arrested for, it can no doubt be stressful for both you and your loved ones. Most people don’t know when … Continue reading

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How Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

Approximately 2.1 million people get married in the United States every year. This is a happy occasion that calls for champagne since marriage is a symbol of having found your soul mate and happiness. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side. Approximately 40 percent, or nearly 814,000, marriages end in divorce every year. There are many reasons married couples get … Continue reading

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How Much Money Can You Make And Still File for Bankruptcy?

There are many restrictions in successfully filing bankruptcy. One such restriction is the amount of money that you make while still being able to file bankruptcy. Although most clients hope that their Stockton bankruptcy attorney can give them a simple answer, this is most often not the case. It is not as simple as giving a simple number such as … Continue reading

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Impact of Bankruptcy on Student Loans

People file for bankruptcy for many different reasons. Most people, however, file bankruptcy as a last measure – meaning, they don’t file unless their financial situation is real bad. Filing bankruptcy can be an effective way to start over without most of your debts. Unfortunately, bankruptcy will not wipe away every debt. There are certain types of debts that cannot … Continue reading

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What Happens to Cash In the Bank After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy impacts your property, including any cash you may have in the bank. You can keep any property that is exempt under bankruptcy laws. For example, there is an exemption for vehicles up to a certain value. There is a tools of trade exemption. There is even an exemption for your house. However, cash in the bank … Continue reading

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    I highly recommend Mr. Gurjit Srai. Recently Mr. Srai got my criminal case dismissed just within a month. That was really a miracle for me.
    Gurjit was great at keeping me informed with every step of the way with my case. He will give you an honest opinion with your case and advise you well.
    Attorney Gurjit Sing at SARI LAW handle my case perfectly in a really good time manner, he answered and explain in fully detail about all the facts on my each question.
    Gurjit was a Man of his word. He knew the outcome I wanted, and even when there was a clerical error by the court he stepped up and personally handled the issue.
    Mr. Srai helped me with my DUI case. I really liked how he interact with me based on my flexibility. He was very informative and kept me up to date with my case.
    I had no expectations because my experience with lawyers is they take your money and that’s the end of it. Mr Srai was positive and let me know what his strategy was.
    Attorney gurjit is the best lawyers in stockton, I was so down and don’t know what to do when i found out about my situation and attorney gurjit was the answer of my prayers.
    Gurjit is a very good lawyer, he gets everything done on time and is very responsible. I would recommend his to anybody who is looking for a great lawyer.
    First of all, he explained everything that I was to expect in court. He told me what to say and what not to say, and made me feel very at ease.
    I was very happy the first time we talked over the phone. Mr. Srai was very positive from start to end. He let kept me informed the whole way through. Srai was my blessing.
    My review with Gurjit Singh Srai was excenllent he answer all my questions he went step by step how bankruptcy works. He kept me informed in every detail I will recommend him to all my freinds.
    He was very knowledgable and knew exactly what we needed for court. It was nice not getting the run around, or having to return back to court for missing documents or information. He really knows his stuff!
    I recently got a third dui I called around other lawyers and none were as helpful as gurjit as soon as I called him and explained what happened he was very helpful since the first call I made him talking to him.
    Always kept my case and matter top priority. Handled everything properly and has great work ethics. Very knowledgable and courteous. Great lawyer and person over all.
    I had a DUI back in 2005. I had always wanted to get my record expunge,but didn’t know where or how to begin. I explained my situation to a mutual friend; he then referred me to Mr. Srai.
    He is a great attorney and has helped me alot. I would recommend him. He has also helped my friends..
    I am a truck driver and my DL was very important because that was the main support for my family and I. Gurjit helped me throughout the process and was very supportive.
    Gurjit Srai,the most greatest attorny i’ve ever met! He won my case of full child custody. He did an outstanding job! If you’ re looking for a trustworthy,knowledgeable and responsible attorny,pick Gurjit Srai!
    I worked with him About 3 months ago, He helped me at his level best. Very Friendly and Polite. A+++++++++++++++++
    I was really happy with Gurjit Srai’s service. He helped me with my restraining order. He really worked with me to get ready for the court. Whenever I had question’s about the case, he was always there to answer them.
    Took care of my case nice and efficiently. Kept me informed at all times and got my fines reduced significantly. I would greatly recommend this lawyer to anyone looking for one and is a bit short on cash.
    Gurjit srai is an excellent lawyer and he helped me get my dui charges dropped. I didnt have to go to court at all, he did everything for me. He is very friendly and is easy to contact.
    Gurjit has been very professional and honest in advising us. Very prompt and precise.Even in future I will be calling him if I would be in need of an attorney.
    Gurjit Srai did an excellent job in my case. It was always easy communicating with him despite being in a different country. He helped to calmly and realistically go through all my options.
    In meeting Gurjit, impressed with his manners as a gentleman,Foremost he was very professional,his office environment was calming;Gurjit made me feel very secure, in speaking with him about my case.
    Usually an attorney focuses on just one aspect of the law. However, Gurjit Srai does it all! I have been researching attorneys all over California to find out which had the best results and Gurjit was the best by far.
    Made are case very easy and explained everything in great detail. We were extremely satisfied with his service and his attention to detail.
    Gurjit deserves 5 stars. He earned it by winning our trust. Would definitely refer him in future and to my friends and relatives.
    I would like to start by explaining my case. I was involved in a DUI incident on December 24, 2010. I was scheduled to appear in court in March of 2011. In between the arrest date and the court date, you are given a notice of suspension.
    I hired Mr. Srai to handle my dui case this year. I received this in the county in which he resides and practises, i live in another county. He made a couple trips to my location.
    Mr. Srai was extremely prompt and verfy informative when it came to my case! Some say the best way to reach me is by this way or my case, it started with an email and ended with a phone call.
    When convicted of a DUI gurjit helped me get a dry reckless, his mellow yet determined attitude kept me calm and confident in my case, so calm a confident that i was minutes late to my appointment at court!
    Mr. Srai helped me reduce the inconvenience of taking my license for a year and 450 dollars to 24 hours of community service. He was vey nice easy to get ahold of and knows how to do his job very well
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