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Children generally make a divorce proceeding more complicated. Even if both spouses are committed to making the separation amicable, making decisions that involve children can create some animosity. Every decision you make will ultimately impact not only yourselves, but also your children and their future.

A Parenting Plan Can Help

One way to make sure that your divorce pans out smoothly and has the least negative impact on your children is to make sure they continue contact with both parents. California judges typically make this a focal point of most divorce proceedings. As such, the judge will want see a detailed parenting plan as part of your divorce.

At the outset of your divorce, you should realize that a 50-50 custody split might not be realistic since one or both of you might decide to move or your children’s schedule might not allow for an equal split. However, you should work out which parent your children will live with during the school year. Some key points to include as part of your parenting plan include:

  • When the non-custodial parent will have weekend visitation
  • How the children will split their summer vacations
  • Who the children will spend holidays and birthdays with
  • How you will transport the children to and from visitation, as well as when they will be dropped off and picked up

The more detailed your plan is, the better it will work out. When you decide on issues ahead of time, it will reduce and prevent conflict later on.

Child Support Issues

Every parent is financially responsible for their children. For this reason, child support is a right. The state of California has created a formula it uses to calculate child support. The Department of Human Services website provides more details. Your Central Valley divorce attorney will also be able to provide you with guidance and support.

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