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People who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are held to a higher standard of care. There are both state and federal laws that specially govern commercial drivers, especially if charged with drunk driving. 

Getting convicted of drunk driving charges can impact any driver. However, those holding a commercial driver’s license are typically even more affected with a DUI conviction because these drivers often hold a CDL for employment purposes. Since a DUI conviction can result in the revocation or suspension of a CDL, you should take every measure possible to avoid a DUI conviction. The most important step to take if you have been charged with a DUI is to consult with and hire an experienced Central Valley CDL DUI Defense attorney.

California CDL and DUI Laws

Below are some pertinent drunk driving laws:

  • California Vehicle Code Section 23151(a) makes it illegal for any motorist to drive while under the influence of any controlled substance, including alcohol and/or drugs.
  • California Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) prohibits getting behind the wheel if your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is 0.08 percent or more. 

Both of these vehicle code sections apply to all California drivers, regardless of what type of driver’s license they have.

California has specifically enacted a special section of the vehicle code that is applicable to individuals who have a commercial driver’s license:

  • California Vehicle Code Section 23152(d) makes it illegal for individuals with a CDL to operate a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of 0.04 percent or higher.

This BAC level is a much lower threshold for commercial drivers because they are held to a higher standard of care than other drivers on the road.

Penalties for a Commercial Driver DUI Charge

Although the penalties for a drunk driving conviction for a commercial driver in the Central Valley are generally the same as those assessed to a regular DUI motorists, a commercial driver’s license holder faces much more stringent consequences as a result of a DUI conviction. 

Below is some of the harsher penalties commercial drivers face if convicted of on DUI charges:

  • Commercial drivers are not eligible for a “restricted” commercial license (regular drivers can typically apply for a “restricted” license after 30 days to allow them to drive to and from their job)
  • A first time DUI conviction will result in the loss of a CDL for one year
  • A second DUI will trigger a lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges

These harsh potential consequences facing CDL drivers charged with drunk driving make it imperative to have an aggressive Central Valley CDL DUI defense attorney on your side.

Call an Experienced Central Valley CDL DUI Defense Attorney

If you or someone you know has gotten a CDL traffic ticket and/or charged with drunk driving, it is imperative that you immediately consult with an attorney to increase your chances of fighting the ticket. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with CDL traffic violation attorney Gurjit Srai, please call us at (209) 323-5558.