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Divorce proceedings that involve children can get complicated. One of the major issues that divorcing spouses battle over is child care and custody. If the parties cannot agree over the terms involving child custody, then the court will hold a child custody hearing. Although most terms involved in divorces concern the needs and wants of the husband and wife, a child custody hearing must be only about the needs and wants of the children involved.

Child custody hearings have one goal: to determine the best arrangement for the children involved in the divorce. To make sure your child custody hearing goes smoothly and all of your children’s needs are met, it is best to immediately hire an experienced Central Valley child custody attorney.

When to Hire an Attorney

You should consider certain important factors when deciding whether or not to hire a child custody attorney:

  • Financial resources: In order to hire a Central Valley child custody hearing attorney, you need to have money. Hiring an attorney can get quite expensive, depending on how many hours it takes to resolve the case.However, it is important to remember that spending the money on a good attorney may be worth the cost in making sure your child’s well-being in the future is well accounted for.
  • Complexity of the child custody case: If your child custody battle involves complicated issues, such as one spouse wanting to move out of state, it is important to immediately hire an attorney. Your attorney can give you invaluable advice and legal assistance.

    Finding the Best Child Custody Attorney

Finding a good child custody attorney may not be as easy as you think. These cases are generally emotional for all parties involved. Choosing the right attorney can make a world of difference. If you decide that hiring an attorney is the best option for your child custody battle, you should consider the following tips to hiring the best attorney:

  • The attorney’s references
  • The attorney’s reputation
  • The attorney’s background
  • Whether the attorney specializes in handling child custody cases
  • The attorney’s financial ability to handle your case
  • The attorney’s success rate in handling complex child custody cases
  • The attorney’s ability to meet your specific needs

Call an Experienced Fresno Family Law Attorney

If you are involved in a custody battle, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced family law attorney to help you learn your legal rights and options with respect to your child custody and visitation rights.

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