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Even if the police merely think that some type or degree of domestic violence has occurred in a relationship, they are obligated under the law to take the individual into custody. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with domestic violence pursuant to California Penal Code Section 273.5, it is imperative that you immediately contact an experienced Central Valley domestic violence attorney to protect your legal rights.

California Domestic Violence Laws

California laws concerning domestic violence have changed significantly, making it imperative that you protect your legal rights through the use of an aggressive attorney. Domestic violence situations are often complicated and typically involve real questions of fact. The police generally do not have the resources at the time of the incident to determine who is right or wrong, and almost always one party is taken to jail before the truth can be proven.

California domestic violence laws have been designed so that the police have a duty to make an arrest and for prosecutors to file charges based on minor arguments and a slight physical touching. This low threshold makes it enough for an arrest and charges to be filed for even minor arguments that could otherwise have worked themselves out.

Moreover, people also lie to the police to get a significant other in trouble. And in some cases, the police also over exaggerate in their reports of the details of a conversation or actions that took place in order to justify an arrest. All of this makes it even more imperative for individuals facing a domestic violence arrest and/or charge to immediately hire a Central Valley domestic violence defense attorney.

First Steps to Take When You’re Charged with Domestic Violence

If you’re charged with domestic violence, it is important not to do anything that could jeopardize your situation and make it even worse. You must comply with each order concerning your release and take any steps necessary to have the charges dismissed. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do after a domestic violence arrest or charge. Below are some important steps to take:

  • Cooperate with the police and request the police report
  • Document your injuries, if any
  • Follow any issues ordered by the Court
  • Adhere to all release requirements

Perhaps the most important step o take if you’ve been accused of domestic violence is to hire an experienced Central Valley domestic violence attorney to protect your rights and defend you against a criminal charge.

Call an Experienced Central Valley Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of domestic violence or are being accused of domestic violence, you must contact competent counsel as soon as possible to help you learn your legal rights and options with respect to the division of your assets.

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