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When you are going through a divorce proceeding, all you may be thinking about is how to get through it. The last thing that may even cross your mind is what will happen or what you should expect once the dissolution is final. However, the divorce will eventually come to an end; and when it does, it is best to be prepared for it. Even though the crux of the battle may be over, you will most likely still face issues and have concerns about your life after divorce.

This article provides some insight about how you can handle some of the issues that will arise once you are officially divorced. If you have sufficient knowledge and information of how to handle these issues, you can be more confident that you and your interest will be protected upon resolution of the dissolution of your marriage.

The Divorce Is Final. Now What?

After months or even years of stress and hardships, your divorce has now been finalized. You finally have the freedom to close that chapter of your life and start a new one. However, you need to know about the process that can occur after the dissolution of your marriage has been entered.

Even after your judgment of divorce is final, problems can and often still continue. Two of the most common post-judgment actions are discussed below:


Typically, a divorce modification will be granted only if the plaintiff can prove there has been a “material change in circumstance” since the Judgment or Order. Things change all the time, especially when it comes to kids and finances. However, a Divorce Judgment will not be modified unless the moving party can prove that there has been a substantial change.


If either party to the divorce does not comply with the Judgment, he or she could be found in contempt of court and be ordered to pay a fine. In other more severe situations, the court can find the party in criminal content and order imprisonment.

The bottom line is that while the actual divorce proceeding may be stressful, the aftermath of a finalized divorce can be just as complicated. If you find yourself dealing with any legal issues after your divorce is final, you should immediately consult with your Fresno divorce attorney.

Call an Experienced Fresno Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a divorce proceeding, planning to file for divorce, or are dealing with the aftermath of a finalized divorce, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced family law attorney to help you learn your legal rights and options with respect to the division of your assets.

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