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It might seem like an insurmountable burden. A felony conviction has changed not only your reputation, but also your employment opportunities. One mistake may have seemingly ruined your life. What if you could start afresh and change your criminal record?

Proposition 47

When California voters passed Proposition 47 last year, they somewhat acknowledged that not all felony crimes are considered equal. In fact, Proposition 47 addresses low-level crimes that do not involve violence. It gives some convicted felons the opportunity to have their felony conviction moved to a misdemeanor.

Since Proposition 47 reassigns certain criminal convictions to misdemeanors, sentencing guidelines will also be affected. The move helps deal with cost and overpopulation in prisons. The change in criminal record should be beneficial for overcoming hurdles associated with a felony conviction.

Eligibility for Proposition 47 Relief

The law under Proposition 47 is quite specific concerning which offenses are eligible for a change in status. Crime of a violent nature are excluded for consideration. This exclusion also pertains to past convictions for rape, murder and other violent offenses.

However, if your past or present felony conviction was not of a violent nature, you may be able to reduce it to a misdemeanor. The law is retroactive. Therefore, you should seek legal counsel if you have a felony conviction for any of the following:

● Shoplifting under $950 worth of merchandise
● Forgery of checks under $950
● Writing bad checks under $950
● Theft of items valued under $950
● Receiving stolen property valued at less than $950
● Drug possession for personal use


When a felony conviction is downgraded to a misdemeanor, sentencing guidelines also change. Some sentencing reductions may call for immediate release from incarceration. There are time limits concerning alterations to existing sentences. Do not delay in calling Attorney Gurjit Srai to set up a complimentary appointment regarding your particular circumstances.

Other Criminal Record Changes

If your felony conviction does not fall under the categories recognized by Proposition 47, it does not necessarily mean that your criminal record cannot be changed. You should consult an experienced criminal attorney to see if any other laws call for a difference. Additionally, some criminal convictions are also eligible for expungement.

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