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For most people, divorce hits them like a bolt of lightning. One day you are muddling along in your marriage and trying your best to make it work, but the next your spouse sits you down to tell you it is all over.

Many people point to common signs such as fighting and emotional distance. However, most couples are able to recover from these problems. There are other signs that indicate a divorce is imminent and your spouse is not interested in saving the marriage.

Unexplained Withdrawals of Money

A husband or wife who is no longer interested in saving their marriage and is instead looking for a fresh start often tries to set themselves up financially by withdrawing large sums of money from their joint bank accounts.Their explanations for the large withdrawal are often vague, such as needing a loan for a friend or family member with a medical emergency.

Spending More Time with the Kids

In child custody battle, one factor the judge will look at is the extent of each parent’s relationship with their children. If your spouse is not involved with the kids, he or she will have a weaker case for getting custody of the kids. For these reasons, if you spouse is suddenly interested in spending time with the kids, he or she could be thinking ahead about divorce.

Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

If your spouse has met with a divorce attorney, this is an imminent sign that divorce is on the horizon. Couples today are savvier and will strive to protect themselves. So, meeting with a divorce lawyer is a logical step to filing for divorce.

Protect Yourself and Your Rights

If you suspect or know that your spouse wants out of your marriage, it is important that you take immediate steps to protect your own rights. The first and most important thing to do is to consult with an experienced divorce attorney in the Central Valley. Having a good attorney in your corner can make a world of difference in the outcome of your impending divorce proceeding.

Contact an Experienced Central Valley Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an emotionally turbulent process. You need the help and guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer in your corner. If you are going through a divorce or planning on filing for divorce, you should call Central Vally family law attorney Gurjit Srai. Mr. Srai has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully file for divorce.

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