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If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you probably use it as part of your job. This means if your CDL gets revoked, it could significantly impact your financial livelihood. California has one of the strictest rules when it comes to commercial drivers. The penalties for commercial drivers who receive one or more traffic citations can be severe.

If you have received a traffic ticket, you should take every step you can to keep from losing your CDL – and your career. The most important step to take is to immediately hire an experienced Central Valley CDL defense attorney.

Consequences of Getting a Traffic Ticket for Truck Drivers

California holds CDL drivers to a much higher standard than other types of drivers. Some of the consequences for getting a ticket as a commercial driver can include:

  • Points added to your license
  • Expensive civil fines
  • Increase in your insurance costs and premiums
  • Suspension or revocation of your commercial driver’s license

These are only the legal consequences. Trucking companies typically terminate truck drivers who get traffic citations. Resolving your traffic violations could mean the difference between keeping your job and losing it.

Common CDL Traffic Tickets

Harsh penalties for CDL traffic tickets make hiring a Central Valley CDL ticket attorney for truckers and other commercial drivers essential. Contacting an experienced attorney when you first receive a citation is likely to be a very wise decision, regardless of what type of citation you were issued.

The more common CDL tickets include:

  • Commercial Vehicle Overweight
  • Fail to Obey Sign or Signal
  • Drive over Divided Highway (gore point)
  • Follow Too Close, Tailgating
  • Coasting in Neutral on a downgrade
  • Out of Truck Lane
  • Speed over 55 mph
  • Stop Sign
  • Fail to Comply with CHP Safety Regulation

If you are a CDL trucker or other commercial driver who has been pulled over and ticketed for a moving traffic violation, you are by no means alone. Any traffic ticket puts you and your employment at risk, so don’t waste time hiring an attorney. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the sooner we can take steps to protect you from the consequences of receiving the ticket.

Call an Experienced Central Valley CDL Defense Attorney

If you are facing a traffic ticket as a commercial driver, it is important that you immediately hire an experienced Central Valley CDL defense attorney. Losing your commercial license can significantly impact your financial livelihood.

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