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The federal government has increasingly become more involved in interstate commerce. As a truck driver, this means that you can face particular challenges when you get pulled over for a suspected traffic violation. A nationwide database has been designed to track any time you get a ticket or any time you are pulled over without getting a ticket. This can ultimately impact your commercial driver’s license (commonly referred to as “CDL”).

Protecting Your Rights and Your Livelihood

Drivers who possess a CDL often drive as a form of employment. As such, if you possess a commercial driver’s license, you need to make sure you protect this right and livelihood – especially if you have recently gotten a traffic ticket.

If you get a ticket, you will get a point against your driving record, which will ultimately impact your driving privileges. Unfortunately, a scarred driving record may only be the beginning of your legal problems. A letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles most often follows traffic citations, notifying you that your license is going to be suspended. Time is of the essence once you get this warning letter because you have only 10 days to respond.

With the possibility of losing your CDL and your job as a driver of a tractor-trailer, local delivery truck, bus, or taxi, it is imperative to immediately speak with an experienced Stockton truck ticket attorney.

You Need Legal Help To Avoid Serious Penalties and Consequences

If you are a truck driver that holds a commercial driver’s license and have gotten a traffic ticket, you need to take every step possible to avoid. A conviction of a trucking citation ticket can mean the possibility of temporarily or permanently losing your commercial driver’s license. This in turn could mean risking your financial livelihood.

The smartest decision to make after getting a truck driving ticket is to contact an experienced Central Valley truck driver ticket defense attorney to help you fight the ticket and avoid a conviction.

Call an Experienced Stockton Trucker Ticket Defense Attorney

If you or someone you know has gotten a ticket while operating a truck, it is imperative that you immediately hire an experienced Stockton trucker ticket defense attorney to help protect your legal rights and avoid losing your commercial drivers license.

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