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The issues that come up during child custody battles can change with different seasons and as your child grows up. If you are in the midst of a child custody matter, you may know how difficult it is to think about everything that might need to be covered in the agreement. Having an experienced Central Valley child custody attorney on your side can make sure that the basics are handled so that you and your ex-spouse can concentrate on the details of the agreement as time goes on.

Different Seasons, Different Needs

As seasons change, the needs of your children change as well. During the school season, your child will have different needs than during the summer when there is no school. These different times of the year require different schedules, play dates, summer camps, classes, and sports activities. For younger children especially, summer time may require extra childcare.

You can handle the issue of summer with regard to a child custody agreement in one of two ways. One way is for both parents to work together to come up with an arrangement that will be in place throughout the entire summer. The other option is for each parent to make plans for when the child is with them. It is best for you and your ex to discuss which option works better for you and your child.

Growing Up Mean Changing Needs

As children grow up, their problems, requirements and necessities change with them. For instance, a younger child will have various play dates and classes that require you to drive them to and from. However, an older child may instead require your time and assistance with school work and college applications. Furthermore, as a girl grows up, she may need to spend more time with her mom; whereas a boy may need more time with his dad.

A child custody agreement should take into account the changes of child rearing as they grow older. Both parents should be amenable to changing the child custody agreement to take into account the changing needs of their children. While it is best for you and your ex to work these details together, you can always call your Central Valley child custody attorney to help you modify the agreement.

The bottom line is that you should not be afraid to seek child custody modifications to help the order meet your child’s current needs – regardless of whether you do it on your own or with the help of an attorney.

Call an Experienced Central Valley Child Custody Attorney

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