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For the most part, court orders issued by a family court during the divorce process are not written in stone. This means that if after your divorce is finalized you realize that you are in need of a modification to one or more of your existing court order, you may be able to receive temporary or permanent modifications.

To make sure this is done properly and the court addresses all of your needs, you should seek a modification of a court order only with the assistance of an experience Central Valley family law attorney.

Changing a Court Order for Your California Divorce Decree

Although it is possible to modify or change a court order after the finalization of your divorce, it does not mean that is a simple process. In fact, court order modifications can be a lengthy and complicated promise.

Court Orders After Divorce

You need to complete various documents and provide the court with sufficient information to convince the judge to grant your modification.

This is exactly why you need the legal assistance of a certified family law specialist attorney to help you in determining the validity of your modification needs. An experienced Central Valley family law attorney will help you file an Order to Show Cause motion with the court. This order must specifically outline why the court should grant the modification and provide the desired outcome for the modification.

Commonly Granted Modification

If the court grants your modification request, it will effectively amend the provisions in your divorce decree. Some of the most commonly granted modification judgments include:

  • Changes to existing child custody
  • Changes to existing child support orders
  • Changes to parental or guardian visitation rights
  • Changes to spousal support arrangements

Your Central Valley divorce attorney can also help in enforcing existing court orders and holding your ex spouse in compliance with your final decree, as well as any modifications.

Call an Experienced Central Valley Divorce Attorney

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