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Filing for divorce can be emotionally taxing, especially if your divorce involves children and the division of extensive property. Hiring the right divorce lawyer for your case can make the process easier, less costly and more peaceful. Different attorneys and law firms have different structures, strategies and billing models. Asking the right questions during your selection process and consultations will help you choose the right family law attorney to handle your case.

Below are five questions that may help you choose the right attorney for you:

  1. Do you practice only family law? Some law firms practice in a variety of legal fields. Other firms devote their practice exclusively to family law. A firm that focuses its practice only on family law is more likely to have the experience and resources to properly handle your case.
  2. Who will be working on my case? In some firms, the attorney who initially meets the client is not the one doing the actual work on the case. The work can be assigned to associates or paralegals. In certain cases, including yours, delegating the work to less expensive associates or paralegals may be a reasonable way to reduce the fees. On the other hand, you may prefer that the attorney you meet with do all the work on your case himself. As such, it is best to ask this important question.
  3. How much will it cost to handle my case? Divorce attorneys generally bill by the hour from a prepaid retainer. Although most attorneys may not be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost to handle your case, an experienced Central Valley divorce attorney may have a general idea of how much it can cost to handle your case.
  4. What kind of technology will you use when working on my case? This may sound like a weird question, but you would never hire an attorney who did not use email, cell phone or a computer. If you did, you would know that you would be at a technological disadvantage. Likewise, there are other technologies today, such as document scanner, online resources, and video conferencing that can allow your lawyer to get more work done in less time and for less money. Thus, this is an important question that may not only benefit your case in the long term, but it can also save you money.
  5. How easy will it be for me to contact my attorney? A major complaint most people have about their attorney is that the lack of communication and ability to contact their attorney. This is not common practice amongst all attorneys. Many divorce attorneys are diligent in returning all client phone calls and emails.

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