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Almost no divorce is clean. Unfortunately, when married couples decide to end their marriage, there will invariably be some resentment, hatred, or other type of dilemma that negatively impacts the divorce process. We all have heard divorce horror stories, ranging from simple divorces that turn into knock-down fights to bank accounts being foolishly drained and locked to ruthless fighting over child custody. Although there is often no rhyme and reason for most of these disastrous divorce proceedings, some can be avoided if the divorcing spouses simply avoid big mistakes.

Below are some common avoidable mistakes that, if avoided, can result in a more peaceful divorce proceeding:

  • Procrastination. One of the most common mistakes divorcing couples make is procrastinating on important issues that will directly impact their divorce. We all have reasons for putting off what needs to be done today until tomorrow. But in doing so, it can make the situation even harder.
  • Failing to realistically assess the financial situation. This mistake is typically made by the spouse who has not been working, financially contributing to the marriage and/or is not aware of any of the financials or assets in the marriage. In such cases, when it’s time to file for divorce, the spouse lacks any knowledge of what their total assets, debts and investments are. In order to properly assess your financial situation, it is important for you to be aware of your financial situation throughout your marriage, and especially if you believe that divorce is pending.
  • Making unrealistic demands. It is never a good idea to dive into the divorce process assuming you will get everything you want. Such unrealistic demands and expectations will only make the divorce process more stressful and could even prevent you from getting what you deserve.
  • Acting with extreme emotions when making important decisions. As we know, divorce is already an emotionally charged process. When you make emotionally charged decisions during the proceedings, it may make it even more difficult. As such, to avoid any additional issues, it is best to make decisions based on logic, instead of your heated emotions.
  • Comingling joint and separate accounts and finances. It is important to immediately separate your joint accounts and all other finances as soon as you decide to file for divorce. This includes separating any joint bank accounts you may have with your spouse, closing credit cards that you opened under both names, and separating joint loans.

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