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Family law cases are generally complicated, both in the facts and legal issues, as well as the emotional level for the parties involved. To make sure your legal rights are protected, it is important to hire an experienced Central Valley family law attorney to immediately represent you and your loved ones. In addition, a smart attorney will also need to hire experts depending on the specific facts of your case.

In family law, there are many reasons why your attorney may decide to hire an expert. Similarly, there are just as many different types of experts that you can hire. Below is a list of some experts and why they may be necessary as a part of your family law case.

The Joint Expert (Neutral)

A joint expert, also referred to as a neutral expert, is one of the most common types of experts used in family law cases.

This type of expert is hired, pursuant to Evidence Code Section 730, by both party or the Court to look at the facts of the case and provide and opinion for the Court to consider. Courts generally tend to give a joint expert’s opinion more weight because there is no inherent bias in the relationship with the parties.

Party’s Expert (Not Neutral)

A party’s expert is hired by only one party pursuant to Evidence Code Section 730. Similar to a joint expert, a party’s expert, is asked to formulate an opinion based on the facts of the case and their particular expertise. However, the main difference is that their opinion lies in allegiance to the party that hired them. In other words, the party who hires them expects them to formulate an opinion consistent with that party’s theory of the case.

The Review Expert

A review expert is authorized pursuant to Evidence Code Section 733. This type of expert is hired by a party to review and comment on the report released by the joint expert. This expert does not conduct any independent research in formulating his or her opinion. Instead, they provide an opinion based on the opinion provided by the joint expert. In other words, their job is to “poke holes” in the joint expert’s report.

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