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Social media has become a big permanent part of our lives. Many of us use social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, to document and even communicate the ups and downs of our lives. For major events like birth announcements and birthdays, social media allows us to share times news of celebration. During bad times like serious illness or death, social media helps us spread information and positive wishes for loved ones’ health and safety.

Although some events in our lives are worth sharing on social media, other events are better left unposted and unshared. One major example is the details of your divorce. Criticizing your soon-to-be ex-spouse and venting about the details of your divorce can actually come back to haunt you.

How Can Social Media Impact My California Divorce?

Statistics show that social media can have a major impact on divorce proceedings – especially if the posts are negative and criticizing. More specifically:

  • 1% of all divorce attorneys found social networking information that was later presented as evidence in court
  • 66% of divorce lawyers use Facebook as one of their primary evidence sources, and
  • 1/3 of divorce actions begin with affairs conducted online.

Social media posts can be even more damaging in divorces that involve issues of infidelity or financial misconduct by either spouse.

Top Social Media Habits to Avoid During Divorce

In order to prevent your ex-spouse from using your social media posts against you during your divorce, you should be avoid the following top bad social media habits at all costs:

– Disparaging your spouse or ex-spouse on social media. Although complaining about your ex on social media can have somewhat of a therapeutic effect, it can also have disastrous results. This is especially true if your comments are false, threatening or criticizing about your ex’s parenting abilities. It is best to avoid all comments about your ex-spouse on social media until your divorce is at least final.

– Deleting possibly damaging social media activity. Most people mistakenly believe that by deleting social media posts, it disappears forever. Not only can you not permanently delete your social media activity, but the act of deleting incriminating posts can be used against you as destruction of evidence or inference of guilt.

– Posting about your financial situation or new purchases. Posting about your new $500 shoes or your new car on social media can be used against you in divorce court. Evidence of expensive purchases or influx of cash after selling items can impact the court’s calculation of child and spousal support.

Posting about new romantic relationships. You should make it a point to keep any news of new romantic relationships off social media until your divorce is final. Even if this new relationship didn’t begin until after your marriage ended, it can be used as evidence of an affair.

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