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Americans log an average of 13,476 miles per year, or 37 miles a day. We spend more than twice as much driving today as we did just 20 years ago. Whether we are driving to work, driving home, driving to the supermarket or driving on vacation, we run the risk of getting a traffic ticket.

Just because you get a ticket, it does not mean that you have no choice but to pay it. With the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney, you may be able to successfully get the ticket dismissed and avoid the expensive consequences.

5 Reasons Why You Should Fight a California Traffic Ticket

Below are five reasons why you should choose to fight your traffic violation ticket:

  • Save money. If you choose to simply pay your ticket instead of fighting it, you end up paying in more ways than one. One, you have to pay the ticket fine as well as the applicable court fees. Two, if you are eligible, you will have to pay for traffic school, which can easily cost you more than $100. Three, you may end up with points on your driving record, which may in turn result in an increase in your insurance premium.
  • Save insurance. Paying a traffic ticket is the same as a conviction on your DMV record. The DMV provides a copy of your record to your insurance company. If you have a certain amount of points on your record, you are viewed as a higher risk driver, which will result in an increase in your premium.
  • Save points. Most California traffic violations carry at least one point. Points often stay on your records for an average of 3 years. Accumulating too many points can result in the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.
  • Save time. If you simply pay your ticket, you will most likely choose to attend traffic school to avoid getting points on your driving record. Most traffic schools are at least 8 hours long. By choosing to fight your ticket, you can save more than 8 hours of having to attend traffic school.
  • Save sanity. Getting a traffic ticket and having to deal with the consequence can cause a lot of anxiety. By hiring an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney, you can save peace of mind that someone else will be fighting the ticket for you. Once you hire an attorney, you will not have to go to court or worry about what you will say to the judge in an attempt to fight the ticket.

Call an Experienced Fresno Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you or a loved one has gotten a traffic ticket, it is in your best interest to immediately hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket instead of just paying for it. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with traffic ticket attorney Gurjit Srai, please call us at (209) 323‐5558 or (559) 449‐ 1447, or complete our online form.