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Not all marriages are created equal – especially in the length of time. If you’re part of a couple who rushed into marriage but found out you are not a fit soon thereafter, you are not alone. Many people have bright, burning flames. And many of these flames die out prematurely. If this sounds like your marriage with an impending divorce in the future, you need to be proactive. 

Determining division of assets and hammering out child custody is no different during a divorce proceeding after a short-term marriage. Regardless of whether you have been married for 1, 10 or 20 years, it is important to hire an experienced Central Valley divorce attorney before starting the dissolution proceeding.

Short-Term Marriage Divorces Are More Common Thank You Think

We hear about celebrities, like Britney Spears, filing for divorce just 55 hours of marriage. However, it happens in the real world too. Typically, a marriage is considered short-term if it is less than five years in duration.

According to the U.S. census bureau, 11.5 percent of couples married never get to celebrate their fifth anniversaries. These numbers have kept steady for more than two decades in the United States.

Monetary Consequences of a Short-Term Marriage

Just because a marriage was short in duration, it does not mean the divorce proceeding will be any easier. Filing for divorce after a short-term marriage can have significant monetary consequences. Three financial aspects of divorce that parties to a short-term marriage should consider are:

  1. Division of family property and assets
  2. Spousal support
  3. Child support

Each of these categories must be analyzed by your Central Valley divorce attorney separately and in detail. If you are filing for divorce after a short-term marriage, you may be responsible for or entitled to some, all, or none of these payments.

Regardless of the Length, Get Legal Help!

The bottom line is that it does not matter how long you were married. Divorce proceedings will involve serious issues that you need to address with legal help on your side. You need to hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights.  Even though you may not have been married long enough to accumulate large amounts of money, joint property or even have kids, it is still important that you give your attorney as much detail as possible.

You need to let your attorney know about your income, what you and your spouse own together, and what you anticipate for custody if you do have children. The more information your divorce lawyer has, the better he can represent you during your divorce proceeding.

Call an Experienced Central Valley Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce or are planning to file for divorce in the near future, you need to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help protect your legal rights and make sure this already traumatic experience proceeds as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

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