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CDL Traffic TicketUnder California laws, commercial drivers who hold a Commercial Drivers License (commonly known as CDL) are held to higher legal licensing requirements and stricture driving regulations than other non‐commercial motorists. CDL drivers, like truck drivers, bus drivers, and limo drivers, typically spend more time on the road than drivers of passenger vehicles. For this reason, commercial drivers generally increase their odds of getting a CDL traffic ticket.

If you are a commercial driver and you get a ticket, it could significantly impact all aspects of your life, especially your ability to earn a living. As such, it is imperative to take every step possible to fight the ticket and any resulting consequences.

What Happens If You Get a CDL Traffic Ticket

When a non‐commercial driver gets his or her driving privileges revoked or suspended, getting to work may be harder. However, when a commercial drivers license holder loses his or her driving privileges, they will most likely lose their job. The majority of trucking companies have a zero tolerance policy, meaning even one traffic ticket could cause you to lose your job.

Consequences of California CDL Traffic Tickets

In addition to employer‐mandated actions, as a commercial drivers license holder you may face severe state‐imposed penalties if you get a CDL traffic ticket. Penalties for a commercial drivers license traffic violation include: ­

  • The loss of your driving privileges for one year if you refused to take a DUI test or are convicted of a drunk driving offense.
  • 60 day loss of your commercial drivers license for a second conviction of operating a vehicle more than 15 mph or above the posted speed limit, reckless driving, following another vehicle too closely (often called tailgating), or improperly changing lanes. ­
  • No less than 60 days of loss of your commercial driving privileges for failing to slow down at railroad tracks. ­
  • Loss of your commercial driving privileges for one year if you have a BAC of .04 percent or higher.
  • Loss of your commercial driving privileges for life if you refuse to take an alcohol breath test a second time.

If you are a commercial driver and depend on your CDL to earn a living, getting a traffic violation could seriously impact your life. As such, if you have received a CDL traffic ticket, hiring an experienced Fresno traffic ticket attorney is the most important steps you can take to protect your career. Law enforcement makes mistake just like everyone else. Your attorney will know how to look for these mistakes and how to successfully prove that you were wrongly issued the traffic violation.

Call an Experienced Commercial Drivers License Ticket Defense Attorney

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