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Divorce is a complicated legal process that must satisfy legal requirementsDivorce Attorney under the applicable laws in California. Many married couples think they can save money by proceeding with a do it yourself (DIY) divorce. Sometimes saving money up front eventually results in causing more problems and losing more money at the end. Below are some important facts that can help you decide whether a DIY is a good idea.

A DIY Divorce in Uncontested Scenarios

If you and your spouse agree on every aspect of your divorce, it is considered “uncontested.” Most couples think their uncontested divorces are perfect for the DIY process. But that is not necessarily the case. An uncontested divorce still involves an intricate legal process and one wrong signature could cost you big.

All divorces, uncontested or otherwise, require a great deal of paperwork. Both parties may agree on every aspect of the divorce, but getting it down in writing can be more complicated than you think. You and your spouse will need to create, review and agree on an asset and property division plan, a child custody agreement, a child support agreement, spouse support, and many more details.

The bottom line is, just because you and your spouse may be on the same page about getting a divorce, it doesn’t mean you will be legally capable of taking care of the legal requirements to successfully execute a DIY divorce process. Having a knowledgeable Central Valley divorce attorney facilitate process will actually end up making the process much simpler, less stressful ad relatively cheaper.

A DIY Divorce in Contested Scenarios

A contested divorce refers to divorce proceedings where the parties do not agree on every aspect of the process. In a contested divorce, the parties must appear before a judge and argue their side in order to prove why they deserve a specific divorce outcome.

If you are involved in a contested divorce, it is not a good idea for you to represent yourself for the following reasons:

  • The process can make you so emotional that it will impact your judgement and ability to make the right decisions during a court proceeding
  • If you don’t understand the applicable law or legal proceeding, you could miss critical points in presenting your case
  • You only have one shot at making your case
  • Lack of legal knowledge could result in you making legally invalid arguments that can hurt your case

Call an Experienced Central Valley Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a divorce proceeding or planning to file for divorce, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced family law attorney to help you learn your legal rights and options with respect to the division of your assets.

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