A Wet Reckless is a violation of Vehicle Code Section 23103 pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 23103.5. A Wet Reckless is a reduced charged from Driving under the Influence. A Wet Reckless has a maximum jail sentence of up to six months in jail and carries substantially reduced fines than a DUI. Generally, the Court does not impose a jail sentence on a Wet Reckless. The Court does not suspend your driver’s license under a Wet Reckless plea. You will have to do the educational component of the first offender driver’s education program instead of the full 3 months.

Generally, an attorney is needed to negotiate a Wet Reckless plea. Stockton DUI lawyer Gurjit Srai ensures that each case is thoroughly investigated to ensure each client has the best possible outcome in their case. Each and every DUI case presents different scenarios. Each case must be analyzed in order to ensure that the proper investigation was completed.

First, the Stop must be done correctly. This means that the Officer had to have probable cause in order to stop you for driving. Generally, a traffic infraction committed in front of an officer is sufficient for probable cause. A police stop without probable cause can lead to a successful motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence.

Second, the Officer must have properly conducted an investigation. This investigation must be done in accordance with police procedure and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standards. The Officer must properly conduct each and every Field Sobriety Test in accordance with strict standards. A deviation from the standard will help Tracy DUI Lawyer Gurjit Srai fight the DUI charges.

Third, any breath test machine used by the Police Department must be properly maintained for accuracy. In fact, there are very strict standards that indicate when a machine should be tested for accuracy. If you submit to a urine test, there are also very strict standards on when and how this test should be administered. Tracy DUI Attorney Gurjit Srai will ensure that the breach machine used in the case was properly calibrated.

Lastly, a myriad of other issue may arise in a case. Each case must be thoroughly investigated to ensure that you know all your options. Call Stockton DUI attorney Gurjit Srai for a free consultation.

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