If you have accelerated your vehicle to over 100 mph, you are in celebrity company. According to an article featured on CNN.com a few years ago, both Lebron James and Matt Dillon have been pulled over for triple digit speeds. Pop star Justin Bieber has also pushed the gas pedal to over 100 mph. Although you may not share infamy with these individuals, you should not know the consequences of your actions. In fact, high speeds may mean severe penalties.

The Law Concerning Driving Over 100 mph

At the SRAI Law Office, we have noticed an upsurge in clients requesting representation for charges associated with driving 100 mph or greater. San Joaquin and Fresno counties have several roadways that seemingly provide open access to speed in excess of the 70 mph limits, the designated maximum speed. Some of our clients tell us that they were not even aware that their speedometer had climbed to such excess. It is important to know the law concerning driving over 100 mph.

The California Code regarding speeding in excess of 100 mph is detailed in Vehicle Code 22348 (b). Court appearances for offenses are mandatory. In addition, if you are convicted of driving in triple digit speeds, you may be subject to the following penalties:

  • First Conviction
    • Fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500)
    • Potential suspension of driving privileges for up to thirty (30) days
  • Conviction within Three Years of a Prior Offense
    • Fine of up to seven hundred fifty dollars ($750)
    • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Conviction within Five Years of Two or more Prior Offenses
    • Fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000)
    • Suspension of driving privileges

Motor Vehicle Points

As if the foregoing consequences are not severe enough, there is also the issue of motor vehicle points. Motorists who speed at 100 mph or more may be assessed motor vehicle points. The offense is considered a two-point violation. The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides the details for points in this synopsis. Despite the penalties listed above, point violations can ensure a license suspension for six months for the following accruement of points:

  • 4 points in one year
  • 6 points in two years
  • 8 points in three years

Traffic School

For some traffic tickets, traffic school is ordered by the judge. Although it is an alternative penalty for some speeding violations, it is not a consideration for charges brought under Vehicle Code 22348. In fact, the court system offers specific information concerning motor vehicle traffic offenses ineligible for traffic school as a proposed penalty. Drivers convicted of driving 25 mph over the speed limit cannot expect traffic school to lessen the court’s expectation of them.

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Motor vehicle violations all carry some type of consequence. However, those associated with driving 100 mph or more, represent significant inconvenience and penalties. An experienced advocate such as Attorney Gurjit Srai can provide you with experienced legal advice. Contact us for an appointment.

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