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Every divorce is unique in its facts, making the process different for each person. That said, there are some mistakes that are common occurrences in a divorce. If you are contemplating divorce or are in the middle of the divorce process, below is a good checklist to help you avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Settlements that assume the status quo. One main objective in a divorce proceeding is to equally split all marital properties and assets. To do so, requires an understanding of your present situation and valuation of all of your assets. However, this focus on the present can result in ignoring potential future events, such as job loss, disability, changes in your or your children’s health, or a major depreciation of an asset.
  2. Procrastinating – waiting before the situation is out of control. Another common mistake is to procrastinate. Delaying the necessary steps you need to take as part of the divorce process can make the situation even harder and more stressful.
  3. Having unrealistic lifestyle expectations. Another common mistake is for an individual going through a divorce to want to maintain the same lifestyle for themselves and/or their children. Understandably, you may want to take your children on their annual beach vacation, send enroll them in the same extracurricular activities or have the same lavish birthday celebrations. When a dual household turns into a single paycheck household after a divorce, the same lifestyle may be unrealistic.
  4. Acting with emotion instead of logic. Divorce is already an emotionally charged process. If you make emotional rather than logical decisions, it can result in an even more stressful divorce process for you and your children.
  1. Disengaging from the details. Dealing with the details of a divorce can be mentally and emotionally draining, especially if it is a complicated situation. Lengthy divorce proceedings often require the spouses to open up the details of their lives. This is an important step in order to make sure the divorce proceedings end up in a fair manner.

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