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We have all heard divorce horror stories. Multi-million dollar divorce dilemmas exploding; simple divorces turning into knock-down fights; bank accounts being foolishly drained and locked; fighting ruthlessly over children. Too often, there is no simply rhyme or reason for such disastrous dissolution proceedings. However, most of the time, thedivorce attorney mistakes made by each spouse leading up to the horror show are obvious and avoidable.

You can avoid making the divorce process even harder than it is by avoiding certain detrimental mistakes. Below are six common avoidable mistakes made in divorce proceedings that you should know and try your best to avoid.

  1. Procrastinating – waiting before the situation is out of control. One common mistake that people make is procrastinating. Putting off what needs to be done today until tomorrow happens for many reasons. Whatever the reason may be, delaying the necessary can only make the situation even harder.
  1. Failing to realistically assess the financial situation.This mistake is often made by wives who left their financial situation to their husbands during the course of their marriage. By the time the marriage comes to an end, they have no idea what their total assets, debts and investments are. In order to properly assess your financial situation, it is important for you to be aware of your financial situation. Determine what your assets and debts are and whether your spouse has made any investments throughout your marriage.
  1. Having unrealistic expectations or making unrealistic demands. It is never a good idea to dive into the divorce process assuming you will get everything you want. This will not only make the divorce process more stressful, but it may also prevent you from actually getting what you deserve.
  1. Acting emotionally, rather than logically. Divorce is already an emotionally charged process. Making emotionally driven decisions does not lend itself to good decision-making. Your Stockton divorce lawyer will advise you not to make decisions based on your emotions, but rather based on logic.
  1. Failing to keep joint accounts and finances separate. As soon as you decide that you are going to file for divorce, it is imperative that you separate your finances. This involves separating any joint bank accounts you may have with your spouse, closing credit cards that you opened under both names, and separating joint loans.
  1. Trying to maintain the same lifestyle after divorce. What some divorced individuals do not realize is that post-divorce life involves each party maintaining his or her own separate household. As such, it is often nearly impossible to maintain the same lifestyle that you had before the divorce.

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