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Going through a divorce process is rarely easy. Tensions run high and spouses often make decisions in the heat of the moment that can seriously impact their case. Given the amount of financial, practical and emotional details that must be dealt with during a divorce process, it is not surprising that individuals filing for divorce often end up making critical mistakes on the road to divorce.

Below are five important things to avoid when filing for divorce:

  1. Don’t “Settle” Early. Just because you want to get out of your marriage as soon as possible, it does not mean that you should forfeit your financial security and legal rights. It is best to make sure you take your time, file all the necessary documents, and take every step necessary during the divorce proceedings.
  2. Don’t File For Divorce Without an Attorney. Most divorce proceedings are complicated, especially if you have children and assets. Proceeding without an experienced Central Valley divorce attorney can negatively impact what you get and can ultimately hurt you in your financial stability.
  3. Don’t Increase Your Debt. Divorce is expensive enough as it is. Getting adjusted to a new lifestyle with only one income can make it even more difficult, especially if you have children. As such, it is best not to add to your debt and try to get used to having less now.
  4. Don’t Take It Out On Your Kids. Divorce does not only impact the spouses involved in the proceeding. It can also seriously impact the children involved. Your kids need a supportive environment to deal with your divorce. You should refocus your energy so you can spend more time with them and make sure they get the attention they need. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your children will be.
  5. Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of a Collaborative Divorce or Mediation. A collaborative divorce allows you to get the help of professionals, such as divorce coaches and therapists. It also allows you and your spouse to divide property and better manage your emotional stress, making the divorce process less stressful. Mediation allows you and your spouse to reach an agreement without having to go to court. In some cases, divorce attorneys may not be allowed into mediation sessions, but you can consult your Central Valley divorce lawyer at any time during the process to ensure you are getting the right result.

Call an Experienced Central Valley Divorce Attorney

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