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Going through a divorce can be overwhelming. An experienced and compassionate attorney can reduce the stress and allow you to deal with the significant impact it can have on your life. However, choosing the right attorney may also be more difficult than you anticipate. Asking some important questions during the process can make hiring a Central Valley divorce attorney easier and more effective.

  1. What type of family law cases do you specialize in?

Not all divorce cases are created equal, and the same goes to divorce lawyers who handle these types of cases. While some attorneys feel comfortable in a courtroom, others may only handle mediations. If you are dealing with a contested divorce, you should ask the attorney if they have significant experience in family law courtroom. If you have children, you need to know if the attorney has experience in possible child custody issues.

  1. What is you fee structure? Do you have upfront costs?

Cost is generally an important factor for most married couples filing for divorce. It is important to understand that cheaper is not always better. You generally get what you pay for – and divorce proceedings is no exception. With that said, you should ask how much the Central Valley divorce lawyer will charge, what their hourly rates are and whether there will be other additional fees (i.e. filing fees and retainer fees). It is best to know exactly what costs you will be facing so you can make the decision that is right for you.

  1. Who will I be able to reach for questions or in an emergency?

A good divorce attorney can be reached in different ways. You should also ask what the attorney’s policy is for returning phone calls, emails, or texts. You should also ask if there is an emergency contact for things that may come up outside of normal business hours.

  1. Can I do anything to keep costs lower than expected?

During your initial consultation, ask your Central Valley divorce attorney what information and documentation you need. Having everything ready for your first appointment will help streamline the information gathering process, which will in turn save time for your attorney and money for yourself. You can complete many tasks yourself to keep the costs down. A good attorney will be upfront with you on this information if you ask them.

  1. Based on your experience and what you know about my case, what do you predict the outcome will be?

This is an uncomfortable question, and you may not like the answer. Don’t be afraid to ask it. Although no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a family law case, an experienced attorney will give you an honest answer that can help set your expectations within the realm of reality.

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