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Advances in technology have made DNA one of the methods of choice when it comes to linking individuals with crime scenes and criminal assaults. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys use DNA evidence as a powerful tool during criminal trials to prove their case. The reason for this is that every person has certain elements of his or her DNA that are unique.

What Is DNA?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up chromosomes) is unique to each individual, except in very limited situations such as in identical twins, and is unchanging throughout one’s life. DNA is found in all of the body’s cells. In other words, it is an essential molecule that is found in every part of our bodies. As such, DNA testing on biological samples, such as our skin, saliva, blood, semen and hair, can be a very helpful tool in convicting or exonerating individuals who are accused or suspected of a crime with much accuracy.

The conclusion that DNA evidence proves an individual is guilty is based primarily on the assumption that the probability against one person’s DNA matching another’s is in the millions, depending on who is crunching the numbers. However, even though the numbers may be overwhelming, it is nevertheless possible to shave them down to far less overwhelming odds if a skillful criminal defense attorney can show that the methods used by the laboratories that did the DNA testing were flawed in some manner. This was the approach used in the O.J. Simpson case to mount a defense against what seemed to be overwhelming DNA evidence implicating Simpson was the guilty party.

DNA: The Effective Tool In Proving Innocence

Although we mostly hear of prosecutors using DNA evidence to prove a defendant’s guilt, it can also be a powerful tool in determining the innocence of that same accused person. In fact, DNA evidence has recently become a strong tool to prove the innocence of prisoners who were tried before DNA testing in its current form was an option. So far, DNA evidence has resulted in approximately 250 wrongly convicted prisoners being released.

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