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When law enforcement pulls you over on the suspicion of drunk driving, they may administer a number of different tests to determine your sobriety level, known as field sobriety tests. There are three standard DUI field sobriety tests: the horizontal gaze nystagmus test (HGN), the walk and turn test, and the one‐leg stand test. In addition to these three standardized tests, there are a number of other field sobriety tests that law enforcement routinely uses to aid in their DUI investigations.

However, the problem with these other “non‐standard” tests is that there are no studies that demonstrate the correlation between the results of these and DUI impairment. Hence, if you are facing a DUI charge, an experienced DUI attorney may be able to dispute the results of these tests in order to dismiss the charges or at least reduce the consequences.

Some of the popular non‐standardized field sobriety tests are discussed below.

The Hand Pat Field Sobriety Test

During the administration of the hand pat field sobriety test, the DUI suspect will first be instructed to extend one hand palm up in front of him or her. The other hand will need to be placed on top of the first, with the palm facing down. The officer will then instruct the individual to begin patting his/her bottom hand with the top hand. Next, the individual will be instructed to rotate the top hand 180 degrees, alternating between the back of the hand and the palm of the hand. Meanwhile, the bottom hand will need to remain stationary. Last, the individual will be asked to count out loud, “One, two, one, two, etc.,” in relation to each pat.

The Finger­to­Nose Field Sobriety Test

This test requires an individual to first bring the tip of his/her index finger to the tip of his/her nose while keeping the eyes closed and the head slightly titled back. The individual will need to do this a total of six times – three time with each hand. The officer will instruct the individual which hand to use on each attempt.

The Rhomberg Balance Field Sobriety Test

The Rhomberg balance field sobriety test is designed to evaluate a DUI suspect’s internal clock. The officer will instruct the individual to

  • stand with his/her feet together;
  • slightly tilt his/her head back while closing both eyes; and
  • estimate the passage of 30 seconds. Upon estimating the passage of 30 seconds, the individual is supposed to tilt his/her head forward and open his/her eyes.

Call an Experienced Fresno DUI Attorney

If you or someone you care about has been arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving and was administered a field sobriety test, it is imperative that you immediately hire an experienced drunk driving attorney to help protect your legal rights and ensure that you have the best defense possible to avoid a drunk driving conviction.

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