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When a couple says “I Do”, the last thing they may think about is getting a divorce. Married couples generally envision a lasting marriage and happy future together. Unfortunately, not all marriages last and divorce is always a possibility. Although there is no way to foresee the end of a marriage, there are some common signs that may indicate an impending divorce.

Below are 10 of the most common indicators of a divorce:

  1. Lack of communication. When a married couple has a difficult time communicating with one another, it can lead to many problems, including divorce. It is always important to communicate any problem, big or small. Lack of communication is a major culprit in a failing marriage.Indicators of Divorce
  2. Financial problems. When a married couple or just one of the spouses has a difficult time with money, the marriage can suffer consequences. Financial instability can crumble a marriage, especially if the spouses do not properly dealt with it.
  3. Got married for the wrong reasons. Getting married for the wrong reasons, such as loneliness or money, can prevent the marriage from having a strong foundation. In such marriages, the smallest problem can lead to divorce.
  4. Lack of intimacy. Intimacy, both sexual and emotional, is a big part of any marriage. When a married couple is having intimacy problems, it is generally an indication that the marriage may end in divorce.
  5. Having different priorities. When one spouse has a different priority in his or her life, such as one thinking professional achievement is the most important goal in life, the marriage can be headed for trouble.
  6. Loss of individual identity. When one or both spouses lose their individual identity, such as their friends from when they were single, it can result in serious marital problems and even divorce.
  7. Having totally different interests. It is important to have some common interests that they can share with each other. When there is no common interest, it may be an indicator that the marriage will not last.
  8. Lack of alone time. Marriages often start to crumble when the married couple either does not make time for each other or simply does not have any alone time. Lack of time together leave little time for creating and maintaining a strong bond.
  9. Desire to change one spouse. When one spouse attempts to change his or her spouse, the marriage generally does not last.
  10. Different future goals. In order for a marriage to last, it is important for both spouses to share common future goals.

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